We Have Kittens!!

UPDATE 02-12-2021 – ALL KITTENS FROM THIS LITTER ARE SPOKEN FOR. BUT WE ARE EXPECTING TWO LITTERS IN EARLY SPRING 2021, and are accepting applications for the upcoming litters at this time.

Lovey & Merrill have just welcomed a litter of beautiful babies!! There are three males, and one female in this litter.

Dodge- $3200
Durham- $3200
Dover- $3200
Dundee- female- $3400
Durham, Dodge, Dover, & little Dundee

These Kittens were born in Katee’s cattery in Ft Lupton CO, on January 22nd, 2021, and will be ready to go to their new homes on April 1st. We offer airline shipment, ground courier transport, and you are welcome to travel to Ft Lupton, CO to meet for your kitten. Please contact Samantha or Katee for more information, pictures, videos, or to reserve your kitten. Prices are $3200 for limited registration. Will consider selling with breeding rights to established catteries, or to those selected under a mentorship program. Certain Terms/conditions will apply.

Thank you!

Update on Clara’s Litter:

Hi All.

I know several of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Clara’s litter on November 23rd. But I have some heartbreaking news to share.. Clara began bleeding two days ago, initially there was some spotting, which Can occur during pregnancy, but isn’t very common and usually a warning sign that something is amiss. Over the course of an hour, it progressed and became more apparent that she was having some issues internally. I took her to our local Animal Hospital to be seen about, and Somehow- her uterine artery had ruptured. She was in a life and death situation that required an immediate hysterectomy.

We were able to save Clara, thankfully, but her kittens still had 3 1/2 weeks to go to be able to survive on their own. We lost 7 beautiful little baby bulbs in her womb. It’s a very sad day here at KingKlaudrCoons Cattery, and I’m very sorry for all of our waiting clients and hopefuls.

Once Clara recovers, she will be available as a ‘retired female’ to a loving pet home. I will begin taking requests/inquiries this afternoon for her.

Clara is just shy of one year of age, is a beautiful black and silver tortie female, and has many months of growth ahead of her. She’s got an incredibly loving disposition/demeanor, is very docile and loves her people. ❤️

Her pet price is $1200. Will consider reasonable offers to an excellent home.

Shipping will be via ground courier, anywhere from $250-500 dependent upon buyer’s location. She will be ready to go in approximately 2 weeks time.

Please send all inquiries to samantha@kingklaudrcoons.com or a text/call to 352-220-4864.

Clara (pictures on right) with Hansel

October 2020 Update!

So excited to be soon sharing with you all just how many Clara is expecting! I know several of you have been waiting for awhile, and I appreciate your patience! This litter will be so worth the wait! 🙂

Clara is due On or around November 23rd, but as with all pregnancies, that is subject to a ‘give or take’ of about a week. I will be taking her in for a checkup within the next two weeks where the veterinarian with perform a ‘detection of fetal bones’ X-ray to determine how many she’s gestating. We are so excited. Clara is doing well, and these soon-to-be first time parents are getting along better than any married couple I’ve ever met! hehe 😉

These kittens will be BIG, like their Russian parents. All of you searching for a Giant European Maine Coon have come to the right place at KingKlaudrCoons!

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days! <3


New Addition to the cattery & an update! ❤️

Hi KKC fam! My apologies for the delay on checking in, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in power tools and Lowe’s trips this week adding on to the Cattery space and incorporating a deluxe kitty center in my home. I love all of our furry family so much that I didn’t like any of them spending any time in a space outside of the home (the Cattery was formerly a climate controlled detached unit adjacent to the house, separated by a breezeway. )

I’m still in the process of moving furniture into the space downstairs, so it looks a bit bare, but here is the progress I’ve made so far. And Without any help, for that matter! My hubby’s been on a business trip, and with social distancing still in effect, I couldn’t really ask for a hand locally. So, while I had to shim a few pieces cut too short for my door frame (lol), I feel accomplished for the most part. 😉

I’d love for you all to weigh in and let me know what you think! And whether it needs anything in addition to the space.

**I’ve got kitty grass and turf on order, climbing rocks and walls, kitty towers, play centers and beds will arrive next week where I will be posting additional photos, giving a virtual tour of the Cattery, and introducing 2 of 4 new arrivals to our Cattery program! Very excited for you to ‘meet’ our new queens, coming from Russia. ❤️

Entrance to our new Cattery space
From the outside looking in
Our KingKlaudrCoons family chalkboard wall
Newly installed climbing wall
The Kitten tree !

These furry family members will not know what to do with themselves once their toys, towers and furnishings arrive next week! Can’t wait to share updates.

I do have one to give at the moment though, for all of you on our waiting list:

Hansel & Clara are EXPECTING!!!!! 😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️🙌👏🤩🤩🥳🥳🥰😍😍😍

This will put Clara’s due date around November 23rd. ❤️ I will provide updates after her very visit within 3 weeks to confirm litter size, progress, and will share X-ray photos showing our little wee ones growing ❤️

Stay tuned! And be safe.

~Sam @ KingKlaudrCoons

Breeding Plans Fall/Winter 2020

Hey folks! We have some upcoming pairings planned between :

Merrill and Lovey

Merrill and JLo

And Merrill with Lilith

In September/October 2020

Which means that once we’ve verified they’ve ‘spent some time together’- about a month after that confirmation- we will be able to announce upcoming litters, the number of babies on the way, and some due dates! 😍

At this time, those on our confirmed waiting list are as follows:

Kelley C.

Katie M.C.

Brittany W.

Susan R.

Jennifer W.

Laura P.

April F.

Elizabeth V.

Nicole H.

Laura H.B.

Regina C.

Ashley D.

Pamela A.

Joe S.

There are several I need to respond to and I will get to you this week sometime. I have been traveling.

I have about a handful of spaces left for the season that may be filled by next week. Will update this list by Monday, 9/28/2020. If you’d like to be on our list- please send an email ASAP to Samantha@KingKlaudrCoons.com and leave your name, number, as well as a brief description of gender, color and/or pattern desired. Please also see our price list and shipping information before you inquire.

Thanks so much all! And welcome to the KingKlaudrCoons family! 🙂

Hansel & Clara send lovins to all! ❤️