Hi folks! We have three new litters in our Cattery this week! Lovey, Lilith, and Jennifer Gentlefriends have all given birth to a combined total of 12 beautiful Giant European Maine Coon kittens. We have smokes, tabbies, torties, and creams available from these litters, and All of these current cuddlebugs WILL BE BIG. all kittens listed below if marked with an A are available, if marked with an R, are reserved, and an O, are being held as an option for our Cattery.

All kittens are of exceptional breed and show quality from these litters- and come from award winning TICA, FIFE, as well as Imperial Cat Club lines/ long standing grand and world champion pedigrees. They are true european giants from directly imported giant European MCO parents.

Litter 1- DOB 6/26/2020

All inquiries, please contact me at 352-220-4864. Please visit our kitten info page regarding prices and registration, and to find out what’s included with your purchase of a kitten from our TICA certified Cattery ❤️. Thank you! More photos and videos to come!

These fantastic four above are the offspring of Lilith and Merrill ❤️

These 3 beautiful babies are from Jennifer Gentlefriend and Merrill ❤️ DOB 6/23/2020

These three beautiful lovemuffins were born to Lovey & Merrill, on 6/10/2020

Welcome to King Klauder Coons

Hello there!

I’m Samantha. My husband Shawn and I are very excited to welcome you to our Cattery, where we specialize in the Giant European Maine Coon!

We invite you to take a look around, and ask that you allow us to bring you closer to selecting one your very own!

Who We Are

We are a small hobby breeder nestled on 6 beautiful acres of rolling hills and woodlands in the foothills of the Majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia.

My husband’s occupation requires lengthy & frequent travel during the Fall & Winter seasons, so we also travel the country part of each year via Motorcoach with our 3 children and furry family in tow!

You may be wondering how it’s possible to run this type of business whilst RV trekking the continent- but, we do it, folks! And we all love it- that includes our big coons. 🙂 After all, they are known as the dogs of the cat world, and therefore tend to make great traveling companions.

We are THE ONLY mobile Maine Coon Cattery/Breeder in the USA whom will deliver your kitten to you at no additional cost.

We bring your kitten to you, with his/her veterinary certification & vaccination records, TICA registration, new owner information, supplies, and pet carrier!

(We also offer shipping directly to you Via ground courier as well or air transport if that is requested or necessary.)


How did I become Giant European Maine Coon breeder?

Well, after coming from a family that raised and shared a lifelong love for the Maine Coon breed myself, I decided that after importing my European Black Smoke boy Klauder from Moscow (shown below at 9 months, and a whopping 14 pounds already at that age!)

that I’d nurture the ‘difficult to acquire in America’s’ Larger, healthier, more tufted, chiseled jawed, heavyboned, BIGGER, more feral-looking European line of the breed, help it to thrive and flourish here in the USA, in turn being able to offer folks such as yourself a more affordable, beautiful and structurally superior line of Giant European Maine Coons to call your very own.

Here is Klauder pictured at 1 year.

You can see that our handsome Black Smoke boy filled out considerably in a matter of weeks, going from 9 pounds to 18.

Klauder is still growing!! He weighs in at 23 lbs today, at a year and a half of age. If you’ve read about Maine Coons, their full coat doesn’t come in until the age of 2; and they do not finish growing entirely until they’re around 3-5 years old. So we’ll see quite a bit of growth yet in our studMuffin, Klauder. Very excited 💕

He is dual registered with the WCF as well as TICA.

All of our Maine Coons come from Champion TICA Award Winning bloodlines;

And have all been rigorously genetically tested for anomalies, abnormalities, defects, hereditary predispositions and disease.

They are ALL



FeLV Neg


PK and PK DEF negative as well.

Happy & Healthy Kitties here!

I have been working with Catteries throughout the US as well as overseas in Europe for several years now, diligently, to obtain the most exceptional, most superior of breed quality Giant Europeans to add to our Cattery/Program here in the beautiful U S of A.

My goal has been to produce some of the largest lines of European Maine Coons available stateside, while staying true to the breed, temperament of these gentle giants, producing healthy and new lines here-

and have been what I consider to be doubly fortunate to have acquired our BIG & beautiful studs and leading ladies from our now dear friends in both Ukraine, and Moscow, Kyrgyzstan, Kovrov, Novosibirsk, & Krasnodar, Russia. They each have been very carefully selected, and come from several generations of Champion pedigrees and are all tested to be genetically free from any hereditary conditions.

We are very excited to bring you the variety of color, pattern, temperament and let’s not forget SIZE that European Maine Coons are so widely known for. ❤️

For photos of our sires, queens, and available kittens or adults- visit our site pages via the menu bar!

Waiting List/ Deposits 

If you would like more information regarding our waiting list for upcoming litters-

please visit our Deposits/Reservations Page via the Menu bar located at the top of this screen to learn more about how to get on the list.

Call/email me as soon as possible with what you are looking for, along with providing your name and number where best to reach you!

There are currently several people on our 2019 Spring, Summer & Fall waiting lists, and they do tend to fill up fast, so please Call, text or email to reserve your spot today.

As I stated before, we are a small hobby breeder, we love all of our pets, and may offer 2-3 litters per year.

( I will return calls, emails or texts within 24 hours. )



Stay tuned for litter announcements!!!!

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1 (352) 220-4864