Our Studly Sires

Mainelynx Klauder of KingKlaudrCoons

– SOLD, Ozark Maine Coon cattery

DOB: 01/15/2017

FiFe Color Code: NS

Black Smoke

23 pounds (and counting…)

Dual Registered with The International Cat Association & World Cat Federation


Klauder’s Father:

RW, SGC C’Hercule Poirot

TICA multi-award-winning

FiFe color code: n 25

Black Ticked

Klauder’s Mother: Flipside Yasna

FiFe Color code: NS 11

Black Silver Shaded

(Unfortunately this picture does not do Miss Yasna justice. I viewed a video of her a year ago from her owner that I did not think to save at the time; she is a simply lovely Maine Coon Queen, and made beautiful babies with C’Hercule. See Klauder for example! 🙂

*Klauder is now living it up in Missouri as a lone studmuffin in a wonderful Cattery.* he’s just sired 7 beautiful kittens with Our former Queen, Meskhenet. They produced Smokes, stripes and gorgeous torties. So proud. 🙂

Future sire:

Isaak (Loosafur A.H. Godrick) of KingKlaudrCoons: -SOLD, Oregon’s Pride Cattery

@5 months

@ nearly 8 months of age- SO pleased with his growth and development and Very excited to see kittens from this big European boy! ❤️❤️❤️

@9 months of age. Handsome hunk!

DOB: 05/06/2018

Fife Color Code: MCO ns 22

Black and silver Marble Tabby

We expect Monsters from this big boy! He was only 5 months old in the first photos and weighed in at already 13 lbs! !!HUGE for that age!!!

Update ** At 8 months- Isaak now weighs 23 pounds and will continue growing for a couple more years. Take a look at his gorgeous mane and tufts!

Isaak comes to us from champion TICA lines in Russia.

Isaak’s Mother(Top)

Fife color code: NS 24

Isaak’s Father (Middle)

Fife color code: N 22 Marbled

Isaak @ 3 months of age (bottom)

He is our couch potato, chatterbox & lovemuffin- and will be entering the breeding program in the Spring of 2019.

Hannibal Lechter -SOLD, California

Also known as: Big Sexy.

DOB: 01/28/2016

Fife color code: NS

Color: Black Smoke

Hannibal is HUGE. A highly motivated male, loves his people and loves his ladies. He is the King Kong of KingKlaudrCoons 😄🥰❤️

Tom Selleck – SOLD, Michigan

Tom is of Giant Lines, Champion European pedigree. He is a very desirable stud, His sperm has actually been frozen and banked – for Many upcoming litter plans with our queens. Stay tuned!

Archibald – Reserved

Our handsome stud Archie here is Extremely

sweet – a huge all around love muffin. He enjoys baths, water play, spending time with the kittens, ‘serenading’ his ladies; Archibald is a very social/outgoing male. He’s a Perfect addition to the KKC Family from RU.

Merrill -ACTIVE

Merrill, our resident Ginger hottie was directly imported from, Yep, also Russia over Fall 2019 to be added to the KKC breeding program. He’s a Handsome, hardy, beast of a dude and loves to love! His paws are massive, just like his…heart 🙂 Merrill comes from a long line of TICA winners and champion titleholders. Very proud to have this fella’ in our cattery and very much looking forward to seeing his beautiful offspring in Summer 2020! Stay tuned!

Contact us via Email, Text or Call – to be placed on our summer, fall & winter waiting list! 🙂