Order our Book today!

I want to share that after months of dedication and hard work, I have become a published author!

I’ve released my new book ‘The MCO Cattery Bible: The Maine Coon Cat Owner and Breeder Handbook’ and it is now available for Amazon Kindle, as well as available via Amazon Prime for purchase in printed paperback form.

It contains everything pertaining to the Maine Coon, including information regarding starting a Cattery Program, assistance with registration, understanding pedigrees and Fife color code systems, the growth rate and development of kittens, sexual maturity of males and females, estrous cycles, pregnancy care, childbirth and beyond. It is a jam-packed must-have pocket reference for the aspiring breeder, or anyone simply wanting to know more about Maine Coon cats and Kittens. 🙂

It can be purchased by visiting the link below: