Introducing The All-New, Exclusively for The Maine Coon Cat ‘Shampoo’, crafted and developed First in the USA for the Breed Class- right here at KingKlaudrCoons Cattery!

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Cats generally take care of their own grooming, but there are times you’ll need to give your cat a bath. Maybe they’ve got something stuck in their fur, or they’re itchy, have a case of dandruff, or their fur looks like it could simply use a brightener.

You might think that using a household or pet store shampoo will do the trick, but that’s Not the best option for your Maine Coon kitten. Your cat’s skin is different than yours, and needs different products. My cat shampoo is very carefully formulated, with all organic and pet-safe ingredients so that it won’t harm your cat or irritate their delicate skin. I use all natural products to craft this shampoo.

It’s been tested and recommended by vets, is free from detergents and is suitable for cats with sensitive skin, (as well as able to be used on canines if desired.) 

This Shampoo is non-toxic and alcohol free, with no animal byproducts. Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, no sulfates, added colors, chemicals, or added fragrance.


Saponified Oils of Coconut and Olive, Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, & Oleic Acid.

No Detergents

No Surfactants

No Sulfates

No Chemicals

No Colors or Dyes

No Perfumes or Scents

No Sugar Solutions

No Alcohol Solutions


YES- 100% all natural Vegetable Soap, Non Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable.

And Made right here- Exclusively for the Maine Coon Cat and Kitten.

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$14.99 per 8 oz. Bottle

***Specify in Paypal Memo – ” Maine Coon Kitten & Cat Shampoo” , & quantity desired. I also sell these on Etsy, Poshmark, and Amazon. 10% Discount for purchase of 2 or more.

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