Available Kittens:

* UPDATE* April 7, 2020 Love is in the air, folks…

Lovey & Merrill have begun the lengthy, loud, and *aggravating for all of their housemates* process of making furbabies!! Lol. Please stay tuned for announcements within the month! And inquire within about joining our waiting list! Their babies will be Big, and Beautiful! Lots of color combinations and varieties are expected. 💘

Ladies & Gentlemen! Here at KingKlaudrCoons- We have available, directly imported from Russia, a beautiful Black and Silver Smoke Tortie female for breeding or pet in home.

D/O/B 06/05/2019

We originally imported this beautiful sweet girl to enter into our breeding program in Spring of 2020, but have decided to keep our cattery program smaller scale. She’s very friendly & affectionate. Loves to love and be loved! 🙂

She’ll come with her favorite toys, a kitten package, her registration with 5 generation pedigree. Transferable to any cat association of your choice.

Please email or call me if interested.

$3400 with breeding rights.

$2500 pet only.

***SOLD**** December 2019. Thanks Frank and Leanne for giving her a wonderful home! 🥰💞💞💞


 ————————- as of April 2020:


 We have here at KKC- a beautiful, GIANT Male European Maine Coon, imported from Russia. He’s just under 2 years old, about 24 lbs to date; with a lot more growing to do! VERY loving, docile, loves to play fetch, take a bath, follow you into the shower, walk on a harness, is going to be one MASSIVE dude. He was imported through an affiliate cattery, one of my dear friends from abroad, and was intended to be our future breeder. But- life is ever changing & evolving and there have been an influx of travel demands lately with work, and I am not able to manage everything as I’d like to be able.

Please let us know if interested in Mister handsome Archibald!







When kittens are listed, they will be listed with individual captions as follows :

Available = Open for reservation/request

Option= interest in kitten, but no reservation/undecided. Still able to request information

R=  Reserved with Deposit

S= Sold and in their new home

If you see one you can’t live without and he/she is pictured with a big ‘Available’ caption underneath it,
Please promptly send a text or email to:

contact us anytime to ask about our upcoming plans!

28 Replies to “Kittens ”

  1. Please add me to your email / waiting list. We are looking for a male who will be an indoor cat, part of a family with 2 other kitties and who will not be need.


  2. I am looking for a female kitten.. Black,gray and white perfered..

    I just got off a call with a coon scammer and am so thankful that I decided to call and ask queations first before sending them money..


  3. I’m looking to start breeding these beautiful cats. If you could give me any information on breeders you import from, or have any lovely kittens you’d sell for breeding, please let me know!


    1. Hi! We currently have a male and female breeding pair available, that I had imported recently to join my program but due to changes within the household, I’m not going to be able to expand at this time so I will be listing them on the website today. Send me an email if interested! Would be happy to discuss or provide more information at your Request. 🙂


  4. Hello. My beloved Estrela Mountain dog Samson and I lost my husband, 3 dogs and 3 cats over the past 3 years. 😦 We have been discussing him wanting a Maine Coon brother for companionship. He has grown bored with just me and he longs for animal bonding. He adored our other cats. 🙂 Would love to be put on the list for a boy. The bigger the better since Samson is 120lbs. Level the playing field a bit even though he’s a complete passive sweetheart. 🙂


  5. Interested in getting on your waiting list. We are looking for a male kitten. Would like the snuggliest one:). Definitely don’t want the color to hold us up on timeframe, but if we have the opportunity to pick, that would be great. We live in Columbus, Ga and have been looking for either a ragdoll (have had before) or a Maine Coon. My daughter who is 5 years old would love another cat since ours unexpectedly passed away. She loves one that cuddles…so we would want the snuggliest one from the litter:). Just curious how far out it would be to get one once we get on the waiting list. Also, if you have any idea of the colors that would probably be in the litter (I understand you probably don’t know for sure – just wanted an idea).

    Thanks in advance,
    Mary Rebecca


  6. Good Morning,I’m looking for a mane coon cat. Prefer a kitten. I’ve been on sevreal sites and they have been scams unfortunately. I hope you can help me. Thank you


    1. Hello. I assure you that we are real!
      We’d love to get you on our waiting list please email me with any specifics you are looking for. Also if you’re feeling uncomfortable or concerned please feel free to call either Samantha or myself. We’d be happy to talk to person to ease any concerns or answer questions 🙂


  7. hi im interested in a new kitten baby. i would like a male. it’s stressful trying to find a legit breeder i almost was scammed twice. it was easier 8 years ago when i bought my puppy. now it seems like so many scammers are out here. well im looking forward to a newborn kitten. i would like to know the price for a male boy.


    1. Hello. Please email your specifics in looking for a kittens. And you’ll get in the waiting list. Kittens start at $1800.
      Feel free to call Samantha or I if you’d ever like to talk personally:)


    1. Hi Deborah. Would you like to get on the waiting list? If so please email your contact info along with any specifics you’re looking for on a kitten 🙂


  8. I’m in home hobby currently (since my divorce and move into MO.. and 2nd divorce 2 yrs ago).
    My cats have come from MCAttraction and DreamCoons. I’m a truck driver so now that I’ve my own place I’m looking to actually start showing as well as learning genetic combinations.


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