I do not ask for a deposit until kittens are born- at which time a deposit of $500 will be required to Hold your kitten- which is payable to me via PayPal @ 

or- Venmo – payable to


*Paypal charges a fee for business/goods & service transactions- which will bring your total deposit to $518.00.

Scan code above to make your deposit directly via the PayPal or Venmo App!

Remaining balance – is due TWO WEEKS PRIOR to your kitten coming to your home. Balance can be paid via PayPal, Venmo or by personal check.


—Our Kitten prices are $3400 + for a pet with limited registration.  Which means your kitten will come to you as PET ONLY. Kitten will come with TICA registration indicating “Not For Breeding.” This is not indicative of a kitten’s breed or show quality, your pet can still be shown in the Altered Category TICA shows. 

—Kittens selected for breeding will be priced at  $8500 ++,  For Full Registration and breeding rights to established catteries or those selected for our mentorship program. Terms and conditions will apply.

*For Pet Purchase Only- You will be required to sign a spay/neuter contract and provide documentation of fulfillment of contract by date agreed upon to receive documentation.

If your pet is not spayed or neutered by time agreed upon in contract, you will be charged the additional amount for the purchase of an animal from our Cattery with Full Registration, and Cattery May pursue legal action for breach of contract, and at buyer’s expense.

—The kittens’ Veterinary certifications, 2 rounds of vaccinations and dewormer are included in purchase price. As well as a kitten package with all sorts of goodies and starter supplies, a folder with all cattery documentation and pedigree information. 🙂

***We Do ship our kittens via ground courier, or we will meet you at our local vet clinic if you’d like to pick your kitten up. The Pickup/Shipping dates are always scheduled in advance, as we all have children, and other obligations as well. Please make sure you will be available to pick up or receive your pet on days discussed/selected.

Shipping via ground courier will range between $250-500 for delivery. I prefer it , as at this time, it will limit exposure and/or reduce risks of exposure to Covid19. I use a trusted courier through Citizen shipper, whom is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, background checked, certified/verified with the shipping agency, and also holds an FBI clearance. He has delivered many of our kittens across the country, and we’ve had stellar reviews and feedback to this point regarding the attention and care given toward our animals. You will receive hourly updates during your kitten’s transit, Live GPS monitoring, and the kitten is less stressed in the carrier, with plenty of space, continuous access to his/her litter box, food and water, and toys.

If you choose to fly out or drive to pick up your animal at either my or Katee’s cattery- you will need to schedule at least 10 days in advance so we can make arrangements to meet with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always here to serve our clients.