Welcome to King Klauder Coons

Hello there!

I’m Samantha. My business partner Katee and I are very excited to welcome you to our Tica Certified ‘Cattery of Excellence’,  where we specialize in the Giant European Maine Coon!

We invite you to take a look around, and ask that you allow us to bring you closer to selecting one your very own!

Who We Are

We are two best pals and hobby breeders situated between our catteries on Lake Livingston Texas, and in the plains and beautiful farm country of Northern Colorado.

We’ve worked together for the past several years as both Giant European Maine Coon Breeders and TICA affiliates, both sharing our immense love and dedication to this wonderful breed, to ensuring a healthy lineage, and preserving the traits, qualities and characteristics that make this one of the most highly sought after animals in the world of felines.


How did I become a Giant European Maine Coon breeder?

Well, after coming from a family that had both raised and shared a lifelong love for the Maine Coon breed, I decided after importing my European Black Smoke boy Klauder from Moscow, Russia, that I’d nurture the ‘difficult to acquire in America’s’ Larger, healthier, more tufted, chiseled-jawed, heavy-boned, BIGGER,  more feral- and-wild looking European line of the breed, helping it to thrive and flourish here in the USA, and in turn being able to offer folks such as yourself an affordable, stateside, beautiful and structurally superior line of Giant European Maine Coons to call your very own.

Klauder is getting older, having contributed to many beautiful generations of Maine Coons that now reside all around the world, and he is living out his years at the Ozark Maine Coon Cattery in Missouri. But he will always be the ‘founding father’ of KingKlaudrcoons.

All of our Breeding Males and Females are dual registered with either the WCF, The IMPERIAL CAT CLUB (a Tica Charter Club)  and are always registered with TICA upon entry into our cattery program.

ALL of our Maine Coons come from Champion TICA, WCF, and Fife Award Winning bloodlines;

They have also ALL been rigorously genetically tested for anomalies, abnormalities, defects, hereditary predispositions and disease. All negative.

Test Results provided upon request.

Testing includes for:



FeLV Neg



Happy & Healthy Kitties here!

I have been working diligently with Catteries throughout the US as well as overseas in Europe for about 7 years now,  to obtain the most exceptional, superior in breed quality Giant Europeans to add to our Cattery/Program here in the beautiful U S of A.

My goal has been to produce the largest, most robust lines of European Maine Coons available in America, while staying true to breed standards, and have been successful in doing so.  Over the last four years, we’ve had our graduates compete in national and international Cat shows, winning several awards for both Grand and World Champion titles, and Royal Canin even requested that one of our male kittens be featured on their Maine Coon dry kitten food packaging. Very proud moment for our Cattery!

I have been what I consider to be doubly fortunate to have acquired our BIG & beautiful studs and their leading ladies from our now dear friends in Ukraine, Moscow, Kyrgyzstan, Kovrov, Novosibirsk, & Krasnodar, Russia. They each have been very carefully selected, and come from several generations of Champion pedigree, and again, they are all tested to confirm that they are genetically free from any anomalies, abnormality, or any hereditary predispositions.

We are very excited to bring you a wide variety of colors, patterns, and let’s not forget SIZE that European Maine Coons are so well known for. ❤️

For photos of our sires, queens, and available kittens or adults- please visit our site pages via the menu bar!

Waiting List/ Deposits 

If you would like more information regarding our waiting list for upcoming litters-

please visit our Deposits/Reservations Page via the Menu bar located at the top of the screen to learn more about how to get on the list.

Call/email me as soon as possible with what you are looking for, along with providing your name and number where best to reach you!

There are currently several people on our 2020-2021 Spring, Summer & Fall waiting lists, and they do tend to fill up fast, so please Call, text or email to reserve your spot today.

As I stated before, we are small hobby breeders, we genuinely love each and every one of our pets, and may offer 2-3 litters per year from both my cattery in Texas, and Katee’s in Colorado.

( I will return all calls, emails or texts within 24 hours. )



Stay tuned for litter announcements!!!!

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