Update on Clara’s Litter:

Hi All.

I know several of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Clara’s litter on November 23rd. But I have some heartbreaking news to share.. Clara began bleeding two days ago, initially there was some spotting, which Can occur during pregnancy, but isn’t very common and usually a warning sign that something is amiss. Over the course of an hour, it progressed and became more apparent that she was having some issues internally. I took her to our local Animal Hospital to be seen about, and Somehow- her uterine artery had ruptured. She was in a life and death situation that required an immediate hysterectomy.

We were able to save Clara, thankfully, but her kittens still had 3 1/2 weeks to go to be able to survive on their own. We lost 7 beautiful little baby bulbs in her womb. It’s a very sad day here at KingKlaudrCoons Cattery, and I’m very sorry for all of our waiting clients and hopefuls.

Once Clara recovers, she will be available as a ‘retired female’ to a loving pet home. I will begin taking requests/inquiries this afternoon for her.

Clara is just shy of one year of age, is a beautiful black and silver tortie female, and has many months of growth ahead of her. She’s got an incredibly loving disposition/demeanor, is very docile and loves her people. ❤️

Her pet price is $1200. Will consider reasonable offers to an excellent home.

Shipping will be via ground courier, anywhere from $250-500 dependent upon buyer’s location. She will be ready to go in approximately 2 weeks time.

Please send all inquiries to samantha@kingklaudrcoons.com or a text/call to 352-220-4864.

Clara (pictures on right) with Hansel

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