October 2020 Update!

So excited to be soon sharing with you all just how many Clara is expecting! I know several of you have been waiting for awhile, and I appreciate your patience! This litter will be so worth the wait! 🙂

Clara is due On or around November 23rd, but as with all pregnancies, that is subject to a ‘give or take’ of about a week. I will be taking her in for a checkup within the next two weeks where the veterinarian with perform a ‘detection of fetal bones’ X-ray to determine how many she’s gestating. We are so excited. Clara is doing well, and these soon-to-be first time parents are getting along better than any married couple I’ve ever met! hehe 😉

These kittens will be BIG, like their Russian parents. All of you searching for a Giant European Maine Coon have come to the right place at KingKlaudrCoons!

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days! <3


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