Breeding Plans Fall/Winter 2020

Hey folks! We have some upcoming pairings planned between :

Merrill and Lovey

Merrill and JLo

And Merrill with Lilith

In September/October 2020

Which means that once we’ve verified they’ve ‘spent some time together’- about a month after that confirmation- we will be able to announce upcoming litters, the number of babies on the way, and some due dates! 😍

At this time, those on our confirmed waiting list are as follows:

Kelley C.

Katie M.C.

Brittany W.

Susan R.

Jennifer W.

Laura P.

April F.

Elizabeth V.

Nicole H.

Laura H.B.

Regina C.

Ashley D.

Pamela A.

Joe S.

There are several I need to respond to and I will get to you this week sometime. I have been traveling.

I have about a handful of spaces left for the season that may be filled by next week. Will update this list by Monday, 9/28/2020. If you’d like to be on our list- please send an email ASAP to and leave your name, number, as well as a brief description of gender, color and/or pattern desired. Please also see our price list and shipping information before you inquire.

Thanks so much all! And welcome to the KingKlaudrCoons family! 🙂

Hansel & Clara send lovins to all! ❤️

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