Breeding Plans


Our Summer of 2020 Litters have all been spoken for and are happily & contentedly living in their new homes as of August 22, 2020!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Ashley, LeAnn, Dawn, Jerrell, Chip, Stacy, and Clarissa for giving our euro-babies wonderful & loving forever homes! And also to our courier, Joe, with Citizen Shipper for his ever-speedy and safe deliveries of our kitties! 

For our Fall Lineup/Plans:

We are preparing for Merrill and Lovey to breed in September of 2020. If interested in joining our waitlist, please send us an email asap!

We will also be planning to breed Merrill and Lilith in September 2020. Please email to join waitlist!

And possibly Merrill & JenniferGentlefriends this September/October. Don’t wait to call or write if you’d like to have one of these beautiful babies! The waiting lists fill up very quickly!

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  1. Hello my name is Brandon I am very interested in adopting one gentle giant to be apart of my loving family I love pets and treat them as the family member that they are. I have two children age 6 and 3 both are very loving to animals and would love to surprise them with one of your beautiful kittens. I am curious on the prices of one of these very beautiful cats. I am hoping affordable means affordable. Lol. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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